Other Pot Noodle brands are not avaliable

Last night, Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright sensationally won the PDC World Darts Championship title for the second time in an epic comeback. With his iconic hair, Wright is a real character, so it may not come as a complete surprise that instead of cracking the champagne he celebrated with a cup of tea and a cup of noodles…or more specifically, a sticky rib Pot Noodle.

When interviewed by the brilliant new host of the revamped BBC Radio 5 Live breakfast show, Rik Edwards, Wright said that he wasn’t feeling worse for wear and celebrated in a more low key fashion with a cuppa and a pot Noodle. After following up with a question on the flavour, conversation quickly turned to the pair’s mutual love of Pot Noodles. In the hours that followed, the entertaining interview was plugged on programmes across the country, with some presenters uttering the long standing disclaimer, ‘other noodle brands are available’.

This phrase is neither amusing nor useful. If anything, it draws attention to the original branded mention. Fine by me, but if we think about it, other brands of Pot Noodle are not available. Pot Noodle is the brand and the fact that Wright ate one is integral to the story.

Brands are mentioned in the media all the time – sometimes through design, but often through fortune. As long as there is a justified editorial reason for talking about a company or a brand then the audience gets it.

I’m sure Pot Noodle are having a good day. It was a superb branding and product endorsement. It may also have been a planned product plug. Chapeau if it was.

Either way, let’s lose the ‘other brands are available’ phrase in 2022 and embrace the brand mention when justified.

Happy New Year one and all.

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