NOW: Pensions

Highlighting the Gender Pensions Gap


Most people have heard of the gender pay gap. But when it comes to pensions equality, awareness is much more limited. NOW: Pensions research revealed that women would have to work from age four in order to have the same pension pot as men. The organisation wanted to lobby for change while generating brand positivity.



Gig workers onboarded to a NOW: Pensions pension after winning Uber Scheme


pieces of coverage for Fair Pensions for All


social media impressions across owned & partnership content


national newspaper features for the single mothers campaign


The 10 Group decided that NOW: Pensions’ research initiative, Fair Pensions for All, deserved a dedicated online destination to give the initiative status and scale. We created a new editorial hub – – which became the central platform for all communications, content and activity.

We planned a series of integrated campaigns to raise awareness of the NOW: Pensions commitment to the ‘under-pensioned’. We began by commissioning and publishing a report about the pensions gap and continued with integrated broadcast and online campaigns and media partnerships, notably with Glamour UK. We created specific campaigns for single mothers and International Women’s Day, and we produced a video where we explained the gender pensions gap to children. By capturing their genuine, innocent confusion on film, we were able to powerfully convey the illogical and unfair nature of the situation.