Stories build companies and brands. By creating a golden narrative thread, we help drive authenticity, identity, purpose and dreams.

The 10 Group is a unique blend of newsroom journalists, BAFTA-winning producers, comms strategists and social marketeers who bring an editorial and broadcasting mindset to marketing.

We create content and campaigns that cut through – inspiring employees, attracting and keeping customers and exciting investors.

From live broadcasts and global production to news and influencer campaigns, we put stories into the news ticker and social feeds of our lives.

We take pride in the company we keep.

Our focus on strengthening established market players and supporting and connecting innovative new entrants sees us proudly represent some of the world’s most dynamic businesses.

The 10 Group is a fast, global, digitally-fluent and entrepreneurial team with a strong belief in client service and connecting great minds and talent.

We are an ambitious agency for ambitious clients.