The Road to Net Zero


In order to thrive in the energy sector, Centrica needs to contribute to a net zero future. How do they develop a broader reputation than the simple provision of energy, in the UK? They need to be seen as having the gravitas of a leading and innovative player in the eco-future domain.



new business leads to Centrica Innovations Funds


of the leads resulted in investment


OEMs deals (all UK dealerships)


pieces of broadcast, print and online coverage


To recognise that the topic of low-carbon innovation is a global one, not simply a local one. Centrica needed to engage the key cities and hubs around the world who represent the leading edge of greener innovation, and attract the interest of investors, policy-makers and opinion-leaders. We began by supporting Centrica’s Innovation Fund in UK, US and Israel – telling their story and inviting investment opportunities. Our approach evolved to promote Centrica’s innovative products, such as their electric charging technology for players in the automotive industry, with content-driven digital campaigns. The Centrica story has been told internally for employees – helping dramatize a national roadshow led by the CEO – and has helped develop the culture and garner excitement inside the company for a low carbon future.