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The energy sector is changing. In order to continue to thrive, Centrica needed to demonstrate that they are contributing to a net zero future. To do so, they had to increase awareness of the impact they have on society, beyond providing energy. They asked The 10 Group to help them position themselves as an innovative player in the green energy sector.



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Because the need for low-carbon innovation is global, we set about engaging the key cities around the world that are at the cutting edge of green innovation, aiming to attract the attention of investors, policy-makers and opinion-leaders. We began by supporting Centrica’s Innovation Fund in the UK, US and Israel – inviting investment opportunities by telling their story in a human, relatable way. 

As our approach evolved, we began promoting Centrica’s innovative products, such as their electric charging systems, to key players in the automotive industry through content-driven digital campaigns. By sharing the Centrica story internally, with employees, we helped develop the culture and garner excitement inside the company for a low carbon future.

At the time, Centrica was partnering with organisations to get ready for the electric vehicle revolution by helping them to, for example, install chargers in their car parks. We set up a Centrica Newsroom to ensure that Centrica’s voice was constantly audible in the electric vehicle space. We invited Amanda Stretton, the UK’s leading female motorsport, classic car and automotive TV broadcaster, to be our third party spokesperson. Amanda commented on behalf of Centrica on all electric vehicle stories in the news – from car registration stories to charging infrastructure announcements – took part in internal engagement videos, and joined an FT event as Centrica’s electric vehicle spokesperson.

We helped Centrica to dramatise a national roadshow led by their CEO, which was used to produce internal videos to inspire employees, and produced content for their interim results announcements. 

More recently, we have helped Centrica with their apprentice recruitment drive. Centrica is on the hunt for their next “Smart Energy Experts”, who will be trained up with skills for the green energy future. We analysed government figures and found that since the COVID-19 pandemic, more people over the age of 25 are considering taking on apprenticeships. We produced a suite of multimedia content that spoke directly to this audience, as well as the younger generation, demonstrating the benefits of apprenticeships and the value of pursuing a career in this emerging, fast-developing and important space.