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Sonepar is the world’s number one B2B distributor of electrical products, solutions and related services. Serving customers in 16 countries, they aim to balance global scale with local empowerment. 

Despite its success, Sonepar’s brand remained relatively unknown – due, in part, to the fact that 30% of the company’s sales in the US are conducted under the names of their operating companies. To address this, Sonepar needed a stand-out campaign that would raise brand awareness and increase its audience’s knowledge of its global offering.



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Following the success of the manifesto film that The 10 Group created for Sonepar, we were asked to create impactful content that would tell the story of the brand in a compelling and memorable way. 

Sonepar wanted to clearly demonstrate their functionality and scale while creating an emotional connection with their target audience, which included global brand stakeholders (investors, media, suppliers, customers), as well as its employees and existing and potential clients, partners and distributors.

We realised that what sets Sonepar apart as a brand is its commitment to making its customers’ lives more straightforward. With this in mind, we came up with the concept “making your lives easier every day”, and strategically planned a film that would show the scale of the organisation by following the journey of three sets of materials from factory to implementation. 

The star of this video is its soundtrack, which brings the true essence of Sonepar to life. The whurr of a factory conveyor belt, the bleeps of a till and the rumble of wheels on tarmac are set against an epic tune to convey the seamlessness and scale of each transaction. From a product for a residential property in Zurich to lights for a German football stadium, we see each customer’s vision become a reality.