Going green on the grid


VMO2 launched in June 2021, combining the UK’s largest and most reliable mobile network – O2 – with a broadband network offering the fastest widely-available speeds – Virgin Media. They describe themselves as a customer-first organisation that brings a range of connectivity services together in one place.

We have been working with 02 since 2020. corp comms partner. This year launching gen z insta channel, developed social strategy, creative strategy, content and themes. 

While the Virgin Media and O2 brands are well respected among older consumers, they do not resonate as strongly with Gen Z. VMO2 therefore challenged The 10 Group with creating a social media-led campaign that would appeal to a younger audience by positioning them as a socially conscious, environmentally friendly organisation.




mobile network page dedicated to ESG


followers gathered entirely organically


posts since May 2019


We worked with VMO2 to launch an Instagram account dedicated to its sustainability strategy, housing content that would raise awareness of all the brand’s ESG initiatives – from tackling data poverty and connecting people and communities to device recycling and trade-ins. We shot original videos and still photography to produce a suite of multimedia content that demonstrated that VMO2 is a sustainable and purpose-driven organisation. 

And it wasn’t just about creating great content – we also wanted to create an engaged community. We did this by curating helpful everyday sustainability tips, sharing a monthly rundown on the latest eco news, showcasing the incredible work of real VMO2 employees and launching exciting initiatives. 

By focusing on user-generated content and being transparent about the purpose of the channel, we gave it the authentic edge that is so important when engaging with a Gen Z audience. As a result, we were able to build a committed following entirely organically – without using any paid media.