Raising profile inside and out


Vodafone is on a journey from Telco to TechCo. As part of that transition, Vodafone’s products and services division must differentiate the brand across all markets, raising its profile as a credible tech player to influence customers, investors and employees.



PR reach


Impressions on LinkedIn


Employees joined Amp’d across 6 markets


Increase in followers


Journalists and influencers attended Connected Consumer launch


From exciting product launches to mind-bending thought leadership reports, we’ve produced stand-out content to help position Vodafone as a tech leader.

We live broadcasted an event to launch Vodafone’s new SmartTech product line, securing coverage across high quality tech media outlets and increasing awareness among consumers. We also facilitated and activated new design and tech partnerships – including the Wallpaper podcast series and a streamed interview with a magazine editor at London Tech Week. We grew the company’s following on LinkedIn by producing a strategically planned thought leadership series, authored by the company’s executive committee.

In 2021, awareness of the Vodafone products and services was growing, but the company was yet to be perceived as a market leader. Understanding the need to showcase the critical role technology plays in everyday life, Vodafone and The 10 Group sought to produce creative content that would capture the imaginations of a wide consumer and business audience.

We worked with The Future Laboratory to develop a ground-breaking report – The Connected Consumer 2030 – that looked eight years ahead, predicting a world of mind-controlled smart devices, disease detecting mirrors and connected forests.

Through a fully integrated campaign across PR, social, digital and events, The Connected Consumer 2030 brought global attention to the Vodafone Smart Tech brand and helped shine a light on how technology can help us solve today’s most important problems. Generating international buzz and securing coverage in some of Europe’s leading publications, the campaign sparked thought-provoking conversations among respected journalists, tech leaders and futurists around the world. The campaign reached over 479 million people in over 21 countries.

And it wasn’t just about engaging with an external audience: every market-leading tech company needs an engaged and motivated workforce that believes in its vision and understands its strategy. We took a creative and innovative approach to employee engagement by creating Amp’d – an interactive, hybrid event designed to excite, inspire and inform its tech workforce. Receiving excellent feedback from participants, the event helped Vodafone ensure its people felt included in its transformation.