The power of
young perspectives

For the third year running, 10 curated BP Ventures’ annual summit. CEOs, venture capitalists and innovators were invited to join the ventures team for discussion and networking at the Saatchi Gallery in Chelsea, London.

Set within the highly anticipated Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh exhibition, guests had the opportunity to explore the life of King Tutankhamun during its opening week in London, following record-breaking stops in Los Angeles and Paris.

Taking inspiration from Tutankhamun’s legacy as the youngest pharaoh in Egyptian history, this year’s summit looked at the importance of young talent, leadership and perspectives in accelerating innovation across the entire energy spectrum. Speakers debated how different generations can best work together to advance the transition to a lower carbon future.

Tom Anderson, CEO and co-Founder of Grid Edge, argued in favour of new energy players in driving a redistribution of power from incumbent players to consumers – helping them gain more control over their energy consumption. Morag Watson, VP of Digital Innovation at BP, argued in support of sourcing emerging digital technologies and young talent in the race to transition to a lower carbon future.

The event was moderated by Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President of techUK, who joined us for the second year running as an external speaker. She once again challenged the audience on the diversity of the energy market and the power of different perspectives.

The on-stage discussion was followed by networking over canapes, a virtual reality experience that enabled guests to fly through a photorealistic version of Tutankhamun’s tomb as Howard Carter and his financier Lord Carnarvon found it 100 years ago and a private viewing of the exhibition itself.

The exhibition commemorates the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and is the final chance to see these glittering world heritage artefacts before they return to Egypt forever. We highly recommend it!