The Mourinho Show

When Spurs allowed cameras to film behind the scenes for an Amazon documentary (released on August 31st), I imagine they talked about using the show as a way to catapult the club into global mainstream consciousness

In reality, this boost in global awareness would be, at best, a by-product of the real focus. It’s a 9-part series on its one and only global superstar. Not its talisman and lead goal scorer Harry Kane, but Jose Mourinho. The self-proclaimed ‘Special One’.

Mourihno is a star performer. A content creator. A story generator. A headline maker. He understands the media, its workings and plays up to one of his brilliantly crafted Seven Dwarves persona. He often starts off smiley but inevitably ends up grumpy, knowing how to deflect attention away from an underperforming team and towards himself.

He creates episodes better than any TOWIE constructed reality TV producer. From hugging a ballboy to the liberal use of the C word, he captures our limited attention.

In one conversation, Harry Kane is urged to embrace his celebrity potential while Dele Alli is branded ‘f***ing lazy’ in another. Some of the scenes are reminiscent of Smithy’s Comic Relief team talks with the England team. Pure entertainment, slightly ridiculous yet utterly compelling viewing.

Spurs’ chairman’s decision to sign Mourinho is a brand building masterstroke. The value of Spurs isn’t in winning trophies (which is lucky as they don’t win any), it’s building their brand globally and the value this offers sponsors. Spurs is an entertainment business and Mourinho lies at the heart of it as a world class performer.

Love him or hate him or love to hate him, Mourinho makes you feel something. No one ever said, ‘I don’t really mind Mourinho’. And that’s why brands clamour to be associated with him.

We thought he was big. He knows he is special. What we are about to see is Jose’s global brand equity go through the new roof at the yet unbranded Tottenham Hotspurs stadium. Watch this space for the mega bucks naming rights deal. In the meantime, sit back and enjoy the Mourinho show.