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The 10 Group has worked with L’Oréal on the Hair the Love campaign, which runs during the Valentine’s Day period each year, since 2019.  The content turns Valentine’s Day, which is traditionally linked to romantic love, on its head to focus instead on the special relationship we have with our hairdressers, who we often feel we can trust with our most personal stories and with whom we often share our problems. 

People often see their hairdressers as more than just people who cut their hair: they are their confidants, therapists and style advisors who encourage them to embrace their natural selves and celebrate who they really want to be. This year, we were challenged to generate a fresh creative concept while retaining an authentic feel and truly doing justice to the relationship between hairdresser and client.



Instagram posts with #HAIRTHELOVE2022


clients including Emma Willis and Will Young shared the film on their own IG channels


Our creative idea was to focus on the conversations that underpin the love and friendship between people and their hairdressers. We filmed L’Oréal hair stylists and their celebrity clients talking about their relationship with one another, bringing a sense of honesty and vulnerability to the discussion of hair, which is often seen as a trivial topic of conversation. 

Our team filmed hairdressers and their celebrity clients across two days, capturing them cutting their hair and chatting.

This campaign had a high production value with many moving parts. Two sets were designed and built in a bare-boned studio, one built to function as a hair salon, and the other a lounge setting to host the conversations between hair stylist and client. To bring these sets to life, an artist designed and hand-painted the backdrop. Along with this, the furniture and lighting we brought in created a sense of warmth, enhancing the familiarity and friendship between the subjects. 

The L’Oréal team was particularly pleased with the film’s storytelling. Using celebrity personalities like Emma Willis, Pixie Lott and Will Young, and encouraging them to engage with the campaign on their own social channels, generated phenomenal interest among our target audience.