A cashless future


Visa Europe’s reputation as the number 1 payment system in the region was not enough. As FinTech becomes increasingly dominant, it is critical for the company to gain sufficient recognition for its understanding of how the future of payments will evolve. Visa Europe is more than a payment system.



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The 10 Group recognised that Visa Europe would need to behave, cut-through and ‘show up’ in the world as a FinTech player. 10 leaned into presenting Visa as future-forward and leaned back from the traditional B2B activities. Our approach was to operate within contemporary culture in a glamorous, memorable way.

10 focused on wearable technology by creating a unique NFC-enabled ring. We partnered with Henry Holland to showcase the potential for immediate purchases by journalists and fashion’s elite, live from the Henry Holland fashion show. We called it Cashless on the Catwalk. Capitalising on the ring was key in CEO interviews to demonstrate prowess in the emerging FinTech space.

The campaign won best Marketing Campaign at the Fintech Innovation Awards and gold at the CIMA Awards for Best Innovation.