Wiley Edge

A fresh approach to talent recruitment


Wiley Edge is a global graduate talent and employee reskilling organisation. Its graduate programme – The Wiley Edge Academy – places graduates in exciting IT and finance roles within a range of organisations for 12-24 months, after which most stay on as permanent employees. By reskilling and retraining the graduates, Wiley Edge and its clients help them to reach their full career potential.

With a range of organisations keen to recruit employees through their programme, Wiley Edge needed to attract graduates quickly. As the brand was not widely recognised by graduates, Wiley Edge wanted to raise its profile and position itself as an excellent option for those starting out in business careers.



Clicks to the Wiley Edge website


Registered graduates vs. a target of 1,200


Impressions across the campaigns


We designed a series of social and digital campaigns to attract diverse graduate audiences from the UK, America and Canada. Our first campaign, Go The Distance, was based on a hero film concept, to build brand awareness, capture the imagination of our graduate audience, and help them to visualise themselves taking part in Wiley’s programme.

Our creative is based around three graduates, showing their journey from graduate to Wiley Edge employee, and the setting is designed to reflect our target audience groups. The film is shot in three locations, which correspond to the three key markets that Wiley Edge operates in. We cast actors from a wide range of backgrounds in order to represent the diverse talent pool that Wiley Edge works with, and we ran regional campaigns with content tailored to target graduates with an interest in IT and/or finance in each location.

The second campaign, Next Level, used learnings from the first for its creative inspiration. We discovered our audience, which is almost entirely Gen Z, are highly interested in gaming, This lead to us developing animated content in the style of an old school video game. The messaging in the powers ups the players receive is also based on learnings from the first campaign. In addition to the video content, we developed a filter on Tiktok and Instagram where users could play the game in-app and an 8-bit game that featured on the Wiley Edge Website.

Both films were launched across social and digital platforms and the content was used to develop a social-led lead generation campaign, which ran across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Twitter.