Recharging the Zapmap brand


Zapmap is an app that helps EV drivers search for chargers, plan longer journeys and pay for charging. 

Following an exciting round of corporate investment, Zapmap enlisted the help of The 10 Group to perform a total brand refresh, enhancing everything from its logo to its tone of voice. We were asked to produce a seamless set of brand guidelines that would not only truly represent its distinct personality, but also set it apart from its competitors across all its digital channels.



competitor analysis and repositioning


update of the Zapmap brand narrative and tagline


set of refreshed brand guidelines and logo


Our team of designers and digital and editorial experts took a thorough approach to the brand refresh, conducting extensive competitor research and immersing themselves in the Zapmap brand story to the extent that they knew its personality back-to-front.

We worked with Zapmap to establish its “brand persona” – the archetype that the organisation could relate to on a human level. As a result of the workshop, we identified Zapmap’s persona to be somewhere between the “expert” and “explorer” archetypes – intelligent and truth-seeking, but also friendly, curious and authentic. 

Over the following weeks, we worked closely with Zapmap to identify a new logo, strapline, mission statement and brand colour palette. We conducted a brand playback session to share our ideas with the team, and based on their feedback, we produced a full set of brand guidelines, complete with tone of voice overview, web copy recommendations, photography examples, several variations of the new logo – both animated and static.

The Zapmap team was extremely pleased with the brand refresh, providing feedback that it had given their organisation a renewed sense of excitement about their marketing approach, and that it had truly helped them stand out against an ever-increasing set of competitors.