We were appointed by Genpact, digital transformation leader, at the beginning of 2019 to bring to life their new partnership with Envision Virgin Racing (EVR), one of the founding and leading outfits in the ABB FIA Formula E Championship – the electric street racing series.

With Genpact as its partner and AI as its neural wiring, the team is connecting people, processes, and racing knowledge to make accurate decisions at lightning-fast speed. The partnership with Genpact is transforming Envision Virgin Racing into an instinctive racing team.

10 was appointed to amplify the partnership and demonstrate the impact of Genpact’s data analytics capabilities, creating everything from long-form ASMR-inspired race content to eye-catching social cuts to bespoke thought leadership events in Paris, Berlin and New York.


Celebrating the Paris E-Prix

The day prior to the E-Prix, we curated an event as part of the weekend itinerary for Genpact’s guests, comprising clients and new business prospects. Themed around the transformative power of artificial intelligence, the event drilled down into the impact that the technology is having on a very different set of industries: from the world of voice assistants, to the wine industry, to car racing.

We heard two TED-talk style keynotes from Rand Hindi, CEO and co- Founder of Snips, a voice-assistant Parisian start-up, and Pam Dillon, CEO and co-Founder of Wine Ring, a personal wine preferences app. Both discussed the way they’d harnessed AI to create organisations that have disrupted their respective sectors.

The event closed with a moderated discussion with Envision Virgin Racing Managing Director Sylvain Filippi and then finished with an interactive, AI-driven wine tasting session, led by Pam and team. Audience members were able to learn more about their wine preferences by inputting information into the Wine Ring app during the wine tasting experience.

The event was hosted in a private room in the iconic Eiffel Tower with outstanding views of the Parisian skyline.






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